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отвори галерията на AMC VIVA 5 WAMC VIVA 5 W

AMC VIVA 5 Wпромоционален продукт до 01 Май 2018

VIVA 5 the first speaker of a totally new design series speakers from AMC. Elegant contemporary design, smooth cabinet surface and mild grill. Classic shape with its advanced twist that lets the loudspeaker to adapt easily in a wide variety of contemporary interiors and become an integral part of the architecture. Rotating AMC logo, newly designed U-bracket enables a wide array of mounting possibilities. The semi-circle bracket not only looks good, but also lets easily adjust the mounting angle within 15 degree angle. Power adjustment of the speaker is very simple. The ultra thin and flat power selector looks very elegant. Integrated Phoenix connectors show advanced design of the loudspeaker. Three colour choice. Two-way loudspeaker with 5 inch low frequency and 1 inch silk tweeter inside.



отвори галерията на AMC VIVA 5 WAMC VIVA 5 W
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